Columb Art Captures History of Calico Rock (Posted by Ginger Smith)

A new art installation at the Tomlinson Art & Science Center in Calico Rock captures the history of the community. The installation is a series of four paintings by Adrian Columb and has become the centerpiece of the entry to the new art center.

The four works, oil on canvas, each measure just two feet wide but tower fourteen feet tall. They capture the vibrant history of the community and the essence of the changing seasons as well as the elements of fire, wind, water and earth that make up nature.

Columb, who is a native of Ireland residing in Mountain View, painted the mural along historic Main Street. This installation brings that mural inside and intertwines the Calico Rock history with the art and sciences.

“The mural is a beautiful representation of our history and it is beloved by many guests to our community, but we recognize that murals may not last forever,” noted museum Executive Director Gloria Sanders. “For the Calico Rock Museum, our history is bedrock. It’s what our museum is founded on and it’s the basis for everything else we do, so it was only natural that we tie our history into the art center,” she added..

The Tomlinson Art & Science Center is a part of the Calico Rock Museum System. You can learn more about them at their website or by calling 870-297-6100.

Calico Rock Museum Foundation
104 Main Street
Calico Rock, Arkansas 72519