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Take a historic trip and see it all firsthand

History is alive and well throughout the Ozark Mountain Region where the past melds seamlessly with the present to provide an experience unique to the area. Our state parks preserve and share the people, places, and things that helped to develop this region into the collection of beautiful spots we see today. Expansive historic homes, demonstrations of pioneer life, and everything in between give visitors and residents a taste of the old with the conveniences of the new. Both educational and fun, the region’s historic sites are definitely something to see.

Ozark Mountain History – Where would it be without you?

Jacksonport State Park

A thriving riverport in the 1800s, Jacksonport became the county seat in 1854 and built a two-story courthouse, which is still here in its restored state. Learn about this historic riverport through the park’s museums, interpretive programs and the nearby Mary Woods No. 2 sternwheel paddleboat.

Old Davidsonville State Park

Park exhibits and interpretive tours preserve the site of historic Davidsonville, a frontier town established in 1815. Today, fishing is a prime activity here, but the town once thrived commercially with the Arkansas Territory’s first post office, courthouse and land office. All that ended in the 1830s, when the town was bypassed by the Southwest Trail, a key trade route between St. Louis and the Mexico border.

Powhatan Historic State Park

In 1888, a courthouse was built atop the first rocky ridge at the eastern edge of the Ozarks, replacing a courthouse that had burned down three years earlier. It was in the heart of a busy riverport on the Black River, a shipping point covering a large territory. The courthouse was restored in 1970 and features a jail, the Telephone Exchange Building, the Powhatan Male and Female Academy and more for visitors to enjoy through guided tours.

Meteorite – Or is it?

This large stone, now located on the grounds of the Randolph County Courthouse, was found in the Black River Bottoms in 1859. It was later donated to the City of Pocahontas in 1986 in celebration of Arkansas’ Sesquicentennial.

Veterans Memorial

Located on the lawn of the Randolph County Courthouse in down town Pocahontas – this beautiful memorial, just recently completed, honors the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the protection of our freedoms while serving our country.

Ravenden Springs

18 miles from Pocahontas on Scenic Highway 90 – this small town is located in the vicinity of one of the oldest settlements in the State. John Janes, a revolutionary soldier from Virginia, settled on the creek that bears his name. Ravenden Springs has many historical values, a canyon and natural springs of water thought to have healing powers. To this day, people drive long distances to capture this fresh spring water. It is also home of the oldest school in Arkansas! One of the most historical features of Arkansas is the cave in the canyon where the first school was located and taught by Mr. Caleb Lindsey.

Mammoth Spring State Park

Mammoth Spring is a National Natural Landmark and Arkansas’ largest spring. There’s an information center with exhibits on the area’s history and natural resources, remnants of a mill and hydroelectric plant, and nearby is the 1886 Frisco train depot, where you can get on board a genuine Frisco caboose and transport your imagination back to the turn of the 19th century.

Ozark Folk Center State Park

Here’s where you can get a taste of life the way it used to be in the scenic Ozark Mountains. You’ll breathe in the dance, crafts, folklore and southern mountain music – which led to the town of Mountain View being known as the Folk Music Capital of the World. From April 15 through October 29, artisans demonstrate more than 20 homestead skills and pioneer crafts and introduce you to the characters of the region in living history presentations in the craft village.

Governor Thomas S. Drew Gravesite

Randolph County produced the only Arkansas Governor to resign while in office due to low pay. While in office, Governor Drew proclaimed December 19, 1841 as the first Thanksgiving Day ever celebrated in Arkansas. He died in 1879 in Texas and in 1923 was moved back to Pocahontas and was buried in the Masonic Cemetery.

Old Randolph County Courthouse

A grand attraction located on the square in Pocahontas. Built in 1872 of early Victorian architecture, it still tempts the eye today with its beauty and grandeur. The Historic Courthouse was first used on April 7, 1875 as county officials moved into the new building. Since 1940 it has served in various municipal capacities and today this beautiful building is the home to the Randolph County Chamber of Commerce.

Pocahontas Statue

In Black River Overlook Park on Highway 67 in Pocahontas – was hand crafted in Italy of Italian granite and symbolizes Chief Powhatan’s daughter, the princess Pocahontas, for whom our town is named. You can also see the nearby Century Wall.

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