Scenic Drives

From winding roads in the Ozarks to the wide-open Delta, our region has a taste of both worlds to keep you riding for hours or even days! We offer biker-friendly cities and some of the best restaurants around just waiting to welcome you to the area. You will love the twisty roads and unique trails but that warm, Arkansas hospitality will have you wanting to come back time and time again.

You will enjoy that small town atmosphere with quaint lodging facilities, friendly folks waiting to open the door for you and welcome you into their restaurant, featuring scrumptious, unique cuisine that will make the trip well worth it. The natural beauty of the Arkansas Ozark Gateway Region will keep you and your motorcycle group enjoying all the scenery while the curvy roads give you that thrill you love to achieve on your trip. Check out some of the unique routes in this motorcycle planner that you can keep in your saddle bag or simply in your back pocket. This pocket map will give you plenty of ideas of unique places to plan a group trip or a weekend ride for you and that special person in your life.

Motorcycle Ride Map Route Discriptions Below

Route 1 Push Mountain Rd

From Mountain View, warm up by leisurely traveling north on AR 5 along the Sylamore Scenic Byway and cross the White River Bridge to Calico Rock. Places of interest include the Calico Rock Museum, a local art gallery and Printing Press Café in the downtown area. Continue on AR 5 to Norfork to view the Jacob Wolf House. Built in 1829, it was the first courthouse for Izard County in the Arkansas Territory and is the oldest public structure in the state from this area. Travel north a quarter of a mile to AR 201, then turn left onto AR 341, or Push Mountain Road. Push Mountain is composed of tight curves and knee-checking stretches of pavement, as well as gorgeous scenery. AR 341 attracts sport bike riders from all over the nation. Most road savvy visitors to the area will eventually find their way to AR 341. After AR 341, turn left on AR 14 East to Blanchard Springs, an incredible must-see site on this tour. After a couple of hours there, get back on AR 14 East and head toward Mountain View. Turn right on AR 5 at Allison, then back to Mountain View.

Route 2 The Greers Ferry Run

A great ride to have some open stretches, have some curves, have plenty of scenery and see Greers Ferry Lake. From Mountain View, head south on AR 5.  At Wolf Bayou, go right to stay on AR 5/25 south.  Take a moment at Drasco to check out the local bike shop, and proceed on south to the Dam over Greers Ferry Lake.  The Corp of Engineers Visitor Center is on the left, and a good place to stop and stretch.  Continuing on south on AR 5/25, you will bypass around Heber Springs and at the top of the big hill, bear sharp to the right.  At the next intersection continue on AR 25 to Quitman.  At Quitman turn right on AR 16 toward Pearson, Higden and you will cross the lake again coming into the town of Greers Ferry.  Stay on AR 110 north, cross the lake a third time going on to Shirley. Turn right on AR 9 north back to Mountain View.  The ride is about 3 hours and 130 miles.     

Route 3  The White River Loop

This route is a combination of open road and technical turns.  Leave Mountain View heading East on AR 14.   About 7 miles East of Mountain View take a left onto AR 58 to Guion.  Cross the beautiful White River, and continue north on AR 58.  At Sage, take a left to AR 69 and follow it west to Melbourne.  Just past the Izard County Courthouse in downtown Melbourne you will come to a tee, continue straight on AR 9 south.  This road gets quite twisty at spots, slow down and ride carefully.  Cross the White River again at Allison, take a left on AR 5/9/14 and head south back into Mountain View.  From Mountain View the ride is 60 miles and takes about 1.5 hours.

Route 4  Big Dam Run

Want a nice half-day ride that incorporates some of the best roads in the region with some scenic views?  This route starts in Batesville, at the Ozark Gateway Visitor Center on Hwy 167.  Located just a mile south of the White River Bridge, the Visitor Center has information on events, lodging and attractions across all of the eight county region.  From the Visitor Center, head north on Hwy 167 across the White River, through Batesville, and then west on AR 69 to Melbourne.  Just past the Izard County Courthouse in downtown Melbourne you will come to a tee: turn right on AR 9 north.  At Brockwell, turn left on AR 56, and follow it to AR 223, where you will turn right to Pineville.  At Pineville take a left on AR 155 and follow it across the Norfork Lake Dam, and along the shores of the lake to Salesville.  There go straight south on AR 5 through Norfork, crossing the Norfork River. Continue south into picturesque Calico Rock, built onto the bluffs above the White River.  Follow AR 5 on south paralleling the White River to Allison, then on south in to Mountain View.  From the junction of Highways 5/9/14, head east on Hwy 14 back toward Batesville.  Running again parallel to the White River, you will pass through St James, Pleasant Grove and Marcella before you arrive at Locust Grove.  Take a right and continue east on AR 14 to Hwy 167.  Take a left on Hwy 167 and head down the mountain back into Batesville.  This ride will take about 4 hours, and covers over 175 miles.  Want to get a Dam good tour of the Ozarks?  Combine Routes 2, 4 and 7 to and cross three dams!   

Route 5  Pocahontas to Powhatan Dual Sport Ride

The route begins on AR 90 west just north of Pocahontas, near the Black River and Eleven Point River. 3.5 miles to the northwest of town, the route heads west on Blacks Ferry Rd. into a peaceful farm valley. Just after crossing the river, the road becomes Valley Chapel Rd. and continues on the old Valley Chapel Church. The road bends to the north, passes the church and intersects Hall Rd. which leads us farther north up the mountain where it intersects AR 90. From there head west to Ravenden Springs to the intersection at Upper Janes Creek Rd. The route turns west on Upper Janes Creek Rd. and follows the valley north into the mountains where it once again leaves the pavement for crunchy terrain. Follow Upper Janes Creek Rd. as it winds through the forest to the intersection of Taylor Rd. A short detour takes you back to Upper Janes Creek Rd. Continue west toward the town of Wirth.