Blanchard Spring Caverns: Still Alive and Growing

It took eons of time for Nature to form Blanchard Springs Caverns, deep within the majestic Ozark National Forest. In fact, Nature is still at work on this “living cave.” Lucky for you it doesn’t take eons to get here and explore this wondrous site through tours led by the U.S. Forest Service. Visitors of all ages are amazed by the natural spring pouring in great sheets from the side of the mountain to form Mirror Lake. You can fish for rainbow trout, and you can take a lovely stroll to the falls and watch water leaving the caverns. It’s all here for the curious outdoors enthusiast: hiking trails, abundant wildlife, camping and picnicking spots, swimming holes, educational programs and a fully stocked gift shop.

Get directions, accessibility and educational information, tips for planning your visit, rates and many more details about Blanchard Springs Caverns at the U.S. Forest Service’s website.