Fin to Fur – The Place for Holiday Shopping and Every Day for that Special “Gotta’ Have!”


For all your Hunting, Fishing, Archery, Apparel and Outside/Inside Anything you Want  – Fin to Fur has just what you are looking for (fur)!  Now is the time for that special gift, Christmas is almost here and if you don’t know what to buy or have already bought it all, this awesome Shopping Experience awaits you for “that something extra” you should have already gotten.  Their staff is standing ready to assist you.  Go, hurry up and go!  “Tis the season for shopping!

Fin to Fur
1008 Nettleton Ave
65791 Thayer, Missouri

417-264-4868 For all your fun things in life!! for Email and check out their FB page as well as web site!  Happy Shopping!  

Water to Woods – It’s All Good!

If you’re going outside today, chances are we have just the gear you need. Whether you’re going hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, camping, working livestock, or just enjoying the great outdoors – we’ve got products that help you get it done.


Game calls, scents, traps, guns, bows, ammunition, and more accessories than you can shake a stick at.


We’ve got a wide variety of rods, reels, line and tackle for just about any style of fishing.


Bow season or competition shooting? Check out our great selection of bows and accessories. Our bow techs can help you select a bow and then set it up to your specifications.


Under Armour, Noble Outfitters, The Original Muck Boots, Five Brother, Robinson, Russell Outdoors, Drake, Red Head, Wolverine, LaCrosse, and more.