Donuts are the great equalizer. Pop into Batesville’s Daylight Donuts any morning and you might run into a real estate tycoon, a bank president, or a judge. You’re just as likely to see teachers, contractors, delivery drivers, and shop owners. On school days you’ll also find mothers with children watching the clock and monitoring the sugar intake. Some people buy a donut and a cup of coffee and head for work; others linger for a while to chat or scan the morning newspaper. There’s always an office worker or two whose turn it is to bring donuts for the staff. For the person who got a late start, the drive-through window can save a few valuable minutes.

Donuts are an essential element of morning in America and a well-run donut shop quickly becomes a community hub. Daylight Donuts fills that role for Batesville. Since opening in July of 1998, it has become an institution. Despite early warnings about a “bad location,” owners Dave and Karen Timko have not only offered something sweet to start the day, they have also provided the perfect place to spend those last few precious minutes before the work day kicks in. Their impeccable shop is cheerful and bright without being hectic or loud, just what we all need in the morning.

Daylight’s success is due in large part to Dave Timko’s enduring optimism, generosity, and warmth. He has managed to infuse his business and his employees with that same unwavering positive attitude. Customers, often in a hurry to beat the clock to work, always leave smiling. Ask for two or two dozen donuts and you’ll get the same cheerful, attentive treatment.

The donut business operates on its own clock. Work begins at midnight and everything is made on the premises. By the time the doors open at 5:00 a.m., the cases are full of fresh donuts, donut holes, cinnamon rolls, apple fritters, muffins, and cookies. If you just can’t wait any longer, the drive-through window opens at 4:00 a.m. Daylight’s posted hours are Monday through Friday from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and Saturdays from 5:00 a.m. to noon. However, be warned that when everything is gone, it’s gone.

While the classic glazed donut reigns supreme, and deservedly so, Daylight also offers a wide assortment of iced-donuts and other breakfast pastries, with a selection for every appetite. The cinnamon rolls and the apple fritters are unrivaled in the region, both for their size and for their taste. Timko also makes a variety of muffins—including country carrot, apple cinnamon, banana, chocolate chip, and orange cream. By far the most popular muffin is rich, flavorful pumpkin, available usually available beginning in early November through the holiday season. Christmas, Easter, and other holiday cookies are also popular. Be sure to place your holiday orders early.

A great donut shop also demands great coffee. Daylight Donuts serves its own private-blend coffee, an aromatic medium-roast with just enough kick to get the day going in the right direction. Like the donuts, the coffee is always fresh. Other beverages, including orange juice and chocolate milk, are also available for younger family members.

Daylight Donuts provides donuts and other breakfast pastries for a number of area businesses, ranging from Comfort Suites Hotel to White River Medical Center. Delivery is available for regular corporate and institutional accounts.

Dave and Karen Timko also set the standard for community engagement. They are significant supporters of the Independence County Humane Society, hosting “Donuts for Dogs” fund-raisers when the need arises and assisting both Ozark Foothills FilmFest and the T Tauri Film Festival and Movie Camp with product contributions to feed hungry filmmakers of all ages. Their donut shop serves as a tourism center by maintaining a large selection of up-to-date tourism material, as well as information about important community festivals and events. Dave also prides himself on being able to direct lost visitors to their destinations.

Daylight Donuts is located at 280 St. Louis. Ample parking is available with access from College Avenue or St. Louis Street. For advance orders call 870-793-2427.