Wow! Excitement is growing! June 8 (Rodeo Weekend) the Chamber of Commerce is holding their first ever Auction! Just like the big time! KTLO Radio station will be there with their Treasure Box and Keys and the Chamber is rounding up fabulous things for you to bid on. Furniture, Art, items from nearly every business in town and lots of individuals! Need a coffeemaker, how ‘bout a table lamp? Bid on a meal at one of our restaurants! Everyone will find something they want to bid on.

Do you have an item from your crafts, hobbies, antique attic or maybe a friend’s business? This makes great advertising for anyone who might have that perfect item to donate to the Chamber of Commerce Auction. Check out the things already donated in Dean Hudson’s place at the corner of Main St. and Walnut. (The former, Barber Shop/Judo place)

All items will be held until the Auction at 11:00 am, Saturday, June 8, in the Pavilion in Earl King Park.

If you have an item to donate, call Kim Meierdirk at Wagon Wheel Country Store on Main St.297-3020