WALNUT RIDGE — Where can you get your wings, take a trip “where the Rock ’n’ Roll Highway meets Abbey Road,” and get a frozen treat just like the cool kids did in the 1950s? 

Look no further than Walnut Ridge.

From the Wings of Honor Museum, which honors and remembers those who fought for American freedom and continue to do so.

The former arm-air forces flying school was one of 26 basic flying schools operated by the Army Air Forces during World War II. Today, the museum’s goal is to the rich history of the WWII air field, to tell the state’s vital contributions to the war, etc.


Walnut Ridge has also become the spot for all-things The Beatles, whose stopover in the Lawrence County town might have been short, but has found to be long-lasting for the small town in way of attracting tourists and tourism opportunities.

And, while you’re there, stop by the long-standing Polar Freeze for a hot meal or cool treat. It’s been around for more than 60 years for a reason.