The Mountain Man Rendezvous will be held in Rand City Park on September 7-8th.  The Rendezvous is sponsored by the Early Arkansaw Reenactors Association and is being welcomed locally by representatives of the Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center.  A Rendezvous is a gathering of individuals that encamp according to the traditions of the way mountain men and mountain women lived in the 1800’s. The EARA members provide our encampment and demonstrate the everyday life skills of early settlers. Our Calico Rock Mountain Man Rendezvous is a sanctioned event of the Early Arkansas Reenactors Association because it is authentic. This group of dedicated men and women take reenacting seriously. They camp in period tents, dress in period clothing, and they live for the week just like the early fur traders and settlers did.
Experience early American frontier life at the Calico Rock Mountain Man Rendezvous as you visit the rendezvous camp and reenactors wearing period dress. Rendezvous activities include Knife & Tomahawk Throwing, Period Bow Making, Spinning, Mountain Man & Mountain Mama Competition, Trapping & Pelting Demonstration, Stew Cooking Competition, Authentic Vendors, Period Tents & Clothing.
For information on the Rendezvous, contact local EARA coordinator Billy Bennett at 870-297-2269 or museum representative Jill Easton at 870-321-0351.

Calico Rock Museum Foundation
104 Main Street
Calico Rock, Arkansas 72519