The Annual Fulton County Fair Truck Pull  has been moved to Saturday, July 28 this year.  This is a sanctioned  pull and always draws a lot of pullers from Arkansas and Missouri. The pull is sponsored by Hills Auto Sales, Salem Auto Supply, and Main Street Tire and Lube The pull will get underway at 7:00 p.m. in the Clayton-Plumlee-Walling Arena. There will be classes for trucks with classes for 4-wheel drive, 2-wheel drive and diesel.

Draggin Wagon Sled Team of Vanzant, Missouri will bring the sled to Salem again this year. Rules and classes are available on the Draggin Wagon website at . For more information call Michael Roork at 870-371-0108 or contact Nikki at 417-259-1506.

Cathy Drew is a life long resident of the region that she loves to promote! As a matter of fact, she was born in Downtown Batesville in the late ’60s in one of the eight counties she now loves to encourage people to visit.
Drew is married to her husband of 27 years, Jeff Drew. Jeff and Cathy have a son, Jonathon (Jon) Drew and his wife Devyn Stewart and can’t leave out her grandson Jase Drew. Of course Drew can’t skip the other part of her family, the pets! Lady Bird (a stray that was welcomed into their home June 2012) and of course Howard – the puppy was compliments of Lady Bird shortly after arrival at the Drew home. They also have Kasha which Cathy inherited when your mother passed in 2016 and they adopted Bullet a stray in November of 2016 and the newest arrival Bullet a stray adopted into the family.

Drew, part of Ozark Gateway Region since 1990 while working at the ad agency (The Media Market Inc.) for the association where she helped produce their annual tabloid publication. She began work as the director of the Ozark Gateway Region June, 2000.