Randolph County Vacations Beckon Everyone – July 4th Events, Museums, Plays, Music, Shopping, Water Activities, and State Park Events!

Randolph County Vacations Beckon Everyone – July 4th Events, Museums, Plays, Music, Shopping, Water Activities, and State Park Events!

I, myself, have walked the downtown area and seen the meteor and the downtown shopping area full of Arkansas history.  I have visited the rivers and the lodges and resorts and talked to people who knew not my intention of getting to know this beautiful part of Arkansas I tell you YOU MUST VISIT.  Your heart and memories will pull you back, as they do me.

Located in the heart of America, Randolph County offers our visitors 18,000 friendly people, five large rivers, and the best history lesson in Arkansas. Our position in the great Ozark Mountains offers a beautiful vacation spot just 90 minutes from Memphis and two hours from Little Rock, with easy-driving 4-lane highways all the way.

Some of our best things to do include…

Walking beautiful and historic downtown Pocahontas, where Confederate General Jeff Thompson was captured by Union troops during the American Civil War. See Arkansas’ first quilt trail, Randolph County Heritage Museum, and live Broadway-quality shows at the Downtown Playhouse.

Visit Davidsonville Historic State Park, site of Arkansas’ first courthouse, first post office, and first land office.

Tour the Eddie Mae Herron Center, with a recreation of the one-room school where the local African-American students attended school before school integration in the 196o’s.

Hike the wilderness in Hall’s Creek Canyon.

Birding (bird watching) is very popular here due to Randolph County’s location on two of the main bird migration routes in the U. S.—the Central Flyway and the Mississippi Flyway. These merge just north of us, and their routes narrow here, concentrating the bird population as many, many bird species use these routes when flying to and from South America and the Caribbean during their seasons of migration, many nesting here each year. When birding here, be sure to watch for bald eagles, white pelicans, and the rare and feared extinct ivory billed woodpecker. Our county offers excellent opportunities for bird watching as it contains both the uplands of the Ozarks and the wetlands of the Mississippi Delta.

Canoe the wonderful spring-fed Eleven Point River, or fish our county’s five large rivers.

Tour the oldest residence in Arkansas and the oldest business building in Arkansas.
…and that’s just the beginning! Download our Activities Guide with 75+ things to see and do in our area!

Be sure and also visit Davidsonville.  I have toured their awesome center with relics from the town that once existed, and taken a tour by the awesome Geoff Havens to the two cemeteries!  He is an awesome guide and gentleman I now count as a friend.  Davidsonville Historic State Park should definitely be a stop off to camp or fish or spend quality family time, for sure.

Randolph County has the wonderful combination of “history, hospitality and a host of things to do!”  Don’t miss this opportunity to come and stay a few days and enjoy all they offer, or just move in to spend your future in this beautiful little area of Arkansas!  The folks there always welcome visitors with open arms and the knowledge you will return again, and again, and the memories you make will last a life time!  Visit their FB page and web site for all the activities and particulars!