Partnerships for the Festival & Event Industry in Arkansas

It’s not breaking news that many of our state’s great festivals and events have had to cancel or postpone in the wake of COVID-19, many of which represent causes, non-profits, and small businesses that rely on event income to survive.

The Arkansas Festivals & Events Association (AFEA) and Rock City Outfitters out of Conway, Arkansas have teamed up to help create some cash flow for some of these events and businesses during this dry season through a t-shirt fundraiser with specially designed shirts in which the qualifying festivals, events, and businesses receive proceeds from the sales.

Rock City Outfitters, a t-shirt production and retail company founded in 2008, is an Arkansas-based purveyor of locally relevant clothing. Rock City Outfitters’ shirts are printed on high-quality garments and are distributed only through this website, select retailers, festivals and local events throughout the state of Arkansas. When approached by the Arkansas Festivals & Events Association about teaming for this effort, Rock City Outfitters owner Ryan Ritchie said he “absolutely loved the idea”.

Ryan and his design team worked with the events and businesses vetted by the AFEA on creating and designing high quality shirts that represented the heart of each participant, pledging to produce and ship each shirt purchased to purchasers with the event or business represented on the shirt receiving half of the proceeds from the purchase.

Events and businesses represented are:

Arts & The Park- Hot Springs
Hog Wild Events
Heber Springs Springfest
Fordyce on the Cottonbelt
Arkansas Pie Festival- Cherokee Village
Southern Food Festival- Batesville
Arkansas Portable Toilets

All shirts can be viewed and purchased at at the price of $20.00.

The Arkansas Festivals & Events Association is a nonprofit support organization for the festival and event industry that works to support the industry through networking, education, and publicity assistance. You can find more information about the association and its membership at or contact at the info below.

Please submit any questions or cancelled event information to: