Ozark Classic Crafts Mall in Downtown Hardy has something new – a Selfie Photo Booth! Visit Marc and His New Hi-Tech Customer-Pleasing Attraction! (Posted by Ginger Smith)

As many times as I visit Marc Herring’s Ozark Classic Crafts Mall, that’s how many times I see something different from anything else I’ve ever seen before!  He stays on the cutting edge of the tourism industry with all he offers and has for over 30 years now.  My last visit was no exception.  Marc’s newest attraction, well, at this moment, is the FREE Photo Booth where you walk up to the Mashuga Photo Booth (By Hal Mandelman) and you get your picture taken, as you stand in front of it, BAM!  It’s done!

Close by is a computer where you can log onto your Facebook page and your images just taken will appear for you to share on your personal FB page!  If you want to print it off for memories of “The Pause in Hardy,” I think it costs $1 – ONE DOLLAR!  There are other options, you can for a minimal cost put your pix on a calendar or magnetic picture frame, or other really neat ideas for display.  You won’t go to any other place I’ll bet you where you can take an instant memory, printed off, and in your possession!  It’s a hoot!  Marc REALLY tried to get me on there, but I’m a fast dodger, past kick boxing experience!  He and his personable clerk and his two beautiful man’s best friends always are a delight to visit, and YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT MARC IS UP TO!

The Ozark Classic Crafts Mall is housed in the original Theater of Hardy Arkansas. It now is home to over 100 dedicated Craft Artists who love crafting their imaginative creations into being. We offer 4 dedicated work shops where custom orders are most welcome. Stop by and be amazed at what can be made for you. Nearly 100 craftsmen and their products under one roof. Renting space to different vendors from Ozark jelly producers to makers of wooden toys.

I understand Marc will have his new tech at the Business Expo at the A.L. Hutson Center Oct. 14th!  Meanwhile, today, go see Marc at the mall and let yourself relax and just try to look at everything in his awesome mall! Tell Marc that Ginger sent you!!  See you there!



116 E Main St
Hardy, Arkansas
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