Natalie’s Cafe & Catering – For Healthy Cuisine Made Fresh Daily & Her New Tri-Licious Cupcakes!! (Posted by Ginger Smith)

With a busy summer, I’ve not had enough time to travel and dine with everyone I love.  I did get the opportunity last Friday to go to Natalie’s, one of my favorites forever.  I stuck to my chicken salad and fruit!  It was as usual an awesome lunch and I saw so many of my Batesville friends, new and old ones, all talking and laughing and eating.  Wonderful place to dine.  I also bought some of her new Tri-Licious cupcakes, a dozen of them!  Wow!  Chocolate Butterfinger and chocolate Reese’s – never had such an amazing cupcake with so many good things in it!  I’m enjoying one right now as I write. We already split one of each, and I gave my grands half of them, as intended.  I guarantee you will love them, even as I watched a friend be served strawberry pie!  Natalie’s has nothing but delicious food!  She is seen often live on FB with her daily specials.  If you don’t know her, you should.  I always love watching her cook and tell about her daily specials.  Super restaurant for family and businesses alike to spend their time.

Batesville is really proud to have Natalie’s Cafe & Catering.  Natalie Cox offers dine-in, catering or carry-out.  All menu items are made fresh from scratch daily with love & pride . . .and nothing fried!  What a great way to eat healthy and tasty, too!  I, personally, have had a holiday meal catered a couple of times and I was blessed to have a beautiful and delicious holiday meal for my family with time for me to also enjoy their company.

Above are Natalie’s Tri-Licious cupcakes!  White Reese’s and Butterfingers!  Yum!!

There are several daily specials, build your own plate, deli sides, garden salads, soups, paninis, sandwiches hot and cold, seafood dishes, and a kids only menu for those with little ones.  The premium sides are chicken salad, tuna salad, Cajun chicken salad, and pimento cheese.  Desserts!  My, oh, my!  So hard to pass them by.  Daily desserts by the slice, cupcakes and bars made to order, whole cakes & pies made to order.  Casseroles to go!!! She has a daily changing list of frozen casseroles to go!

You just need to check her info sites, and go in and eat!  With all the choices, you have to start somewhere.

I started a few years back with her fresh tasty chicken salad and a delish bowl of fruit, and I love her green beans!!!!!  Her cheesy chicken spaghetti is to die for, to quote an old friend of mine.  I always, always see friends, personal and business, enjoying lunch when I go, all with a big smile and a big sigh of contentment.  Treat yourself and your loved ones.  Go!

Located at 3050 Harrison Street, Batesville, Open Monday thru Thursday: 11 am-6 pm; Friday: 11 am-4 pm. For call-in or pick-up orders, call 870-698-0200.  You may visit the web site at Natalie’s is also on Facebook.

She is on the right, right before our Wal-Mart, if that helps any!  I shall see you there!!! Ginger