Mid-South Byways Afternoon in Calico Rock prompts Larry Burchfield to write Media Article touting Calico Rock! (Posted by Ginger Smith)

Be sure and follow the link below to read a delightful article on Calico Rock!  Great story and great job!

Larry Burchfield is a blogger for the Mid-South Byways.  Recently, Larry and his wife visited Calico Rock on an afternoon trip while staying Mountain View.  Here is what Larry had to say about his time in Calico Rock:
My wife and I, and another couple visited Calico Rock last Friday. We were camping in Mountain View and decided to drive up and check your town out. I had driven through Calico Rock a few times, but never stopped. Glad we made the drive up. We really enjoyed our visit. We were really impressed with your museum, it is fantastic.

I posted a short feature article on my website along with some pictures. I have also promoted the article on my social networks. I’m a big believer in social networking.
Here is the link.  Please share and pass the link along.

Looking forward to getting back up there.
Calico Rock Museum Foundation
104 Main Street
Calico Rock, Arkansas 72519