Jeff and Judy Goodwin Featured Artists May 19 at the Arkansas Craft Gallery

Jeff and Judy Goodwin will be Featured Artists at the Arkansas Craft Gallery May 19 from 10-5. Their colorful porcelain jewelry has been extremely popular with Gallery visitors for many years. The Goodwins, from Huntsville, Arkansas, were raised in Northern California, where they met while attending Humboldt State University. They lived in Wyoming and Utah while Jeff was employed as a geologist. Judy has been involved in ceramics since high school and worked as a potter and jeweler. After apprenticing together with a ceramicist in 1997, they created Daaman Jewelry.

“We have always found enjoyment working in clay, specifically colored porcelains.” They began by experimenting with the Japanese process known as nerikomi. The process begins with mixing the porcelain clay, using their own recipe. Stains are added to make over 35 colors that are layered and manipulated into loaves or blocks using their designs. “Judy and I create our designs using our imaginations aided by nature with lots of color for inspiration. A computer drawing program is used to work with our designs before they are created in the clay. It has become a great designing tool that allows use of our colors in unlimited variations.”

Each piece of jewelry is sliced from the block and carefully shaped, sanded and wiped clean with a damp cloth. It is then bisque fired, followed by a glaze firing to cone 6. 24 karat gold lustor is applied to the edge of each piece before a third and final firing. All the rich depth of colors found in their designs are from the colored porcelains. No paints, colored glazes or under glazes have been added. The final process of creating the jewelry involves the use of 24-carat gold wire, wrapped and tied, and semi-precious stones and fresh water pearls are embellishments to their jewelry.

They travel for art shows throughout the year and are regulars at the Fall War Eagle Fair. They have work in galleries in New York, Michigan, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania and more. Their jewelry is available at Heartwood Gallery in Fayetteville, Terra Studios in Durham and Zarks in Eureka Springs, and the Crystal Bridges Museum Store.

Jeff and Judy Goodwin, daaman jewelry, 5238 Madison 3050, Huntsville, AR 72740

479-232-5334,,  or