The Guitar Walk at Cavenaugh Park is nearing completion in downtown Walnut Ridge. The massive concrete walk, which is shaped and tinted like an Epiphone Casino guitar, is now in place, and finishing touches will be added in the coming weeks.

Crossno Excavating has been compacting and building up the soil around the site in the past few days. Plans for the coming week are to start the installation of a wrought iron fence around the Cavenaugh Park area and the formation of the concrete base of the Cavenaugh Park sign, according to Charles Snapp of the Lawrence County Tourism Committee.

The following week, Snapp said the stainless steel base structures, needed for placement of the individual plaques will be put in place and trenching for the audio cable, and laying of audio cable should be completed. The plaques and audio tour will pay tribute to 1950s rockabilly musicians who performed in the area during the formative years of rock music.

“During the last week of August we hope to install the stainless steel strings on the guitar. The tourism committee is also considering the installation of a sprinkler system for the lawn and we are looking for someone interested in providing the sod for the area around Cavenaugh Park,” Snapp said.

The ADA approved base stands for the eleven plaques being located on the Guitar Walk will arrive the first week of September, when they will be installed and the audio system completed. The plaques themselves will arrive by the 12th of September and plans call for installing them on September 14th, the evening before the ribbon cutting is planned as a part of the Beatles at the Ridge music festival in downtown Walnut Ridge.

Guitar Walk at Cavenaugh Park is being built just south of the historic Iron Mountain Depot, which sits along Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll Highway 67.

The Tourism Committee is a function of the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce.