CALICO ROCK — Officials have announced that Pirate’s Ridge Disc Golf Course at Rand Park in Calico Rock is now open.  

To access the course, enter Rand Park and take the first right up the hill.  Hole 1 starts on top of the hill, while holes 2 and 3 are played along the highway. “Starting with Hole 4, you will be playing in the woods,” officials said.

The rules of disc golf are similar to golf.  

The goal is to get the disc in the basket in the fewest amount of throws. There are three main types of discs (a driver, a mid-range and a putter).

Drivers are for longer shots more than 200 feet. Mid-ranges are shots between 100-200 feet and a putter is for any shot under a 100 feet.

For more information about disc golf, or about the Pirate’s Ridge Disc Golf course, contact Candie Luster at (870) 405-1030.