Cave City, Home of the World’s Sweetest Watermelons

Cave City’s watermelons aren’t touted as the sweetest in the world for no reason. One bite into one of these sweet, juicy melons makes it worth the trip. The rich, sandy soil that is exclusive to the area is what gives the melons such asweet flavor. So much so that Cave City’s watermelons are celebrated each year at the annual Cave City Watermelon Festival Celebrating its 42nd year, the 2022 Cave City Watermelon Festival officials are looking to draw thousands into Cave City for the celebration. This three-day event will be held July 28-30th and will include entertainment, fun vendors, yummy food trucks, a parade, activities for kids and adults, and of course, a free melon feast, which is courtesy of the watermelon growers in the area. In 2017, the Cave City Watermelon Festival was inducted into the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame by the Department of Arkansas Heritage. Located 15 miles north of Batesville, Cave City has several retail shops in its historic downtown area. Travelers will also find antique stores and flea markets. The town is home to a growing school district that includes the Cave City Charter High School. Cave City also has multiple banks, medical offices and pharmacy, a grocery store, several convenience stores government offices and Cave City Nursing Home.
Plan your visit to Cave City and make sure to attend their Watermelon Festival in July!

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