Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center Hosts Cedar Ridge Students & Other Museum News!

Today, the Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center hosted gifted and talented students from Cedar Ridge Schools in Newark. The students completed the Crime Scene Detective in the Tomlinson Art & Science Center. This is an interactive exhibit complete with an actual crime scene, interviews of suspects, and crime lab testing stations used to solve the crime.

The students also used fusion to apply science and art. It was a great day of learning and sharing our museum with these students.

Tomorrow night, the museum foundation will host a Mexican Fiesta at the Printing Press Café. All proceeds will support the new robotics learning center at the Tomlinson Art & Science Center. For reservations, call 870-297-6200.

This week, we accepted several new pieces that will be shown very soon. The family of the late Bobby K. Hayes donated photographs from Calico Rock that are framed in hardwood flooring made in Calico Rock (Thank you, Mark Hayes). Connie Barksdale has given the museum an historic chamber pot, an original painting by Anna King, and a painting from a Delta artist. We have secured the original whistle and depth finder from the Ozark Queen steamboat, this is quite a find! We have also received several interesting pieces from local businesses from Junior Watts and a Blue Back Speller from Carolyn Wiseman. All of these items will be on display soon.

A few weeks ago, we obtained the beauty shop furniture that Jaclyn Smith used in the movie The Bootleggers. These pieces are already on display in the Murphy Gallery.

It’s been a busy spring welcoming tourists to town, hosting the Arkansas Museums Association conference, and beginning the process of converting our museum artifact catalog into a new software program that will allow us to one day provide on-line searches of every item in our collection.

As always, we thank you for your support of the Calico Rock Museum & Visitor Center. Learn more at

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