Oct 5th is Hardy Arkansas will transfer back in time to a day less hurried  when folks lived off the land. Their annual Homesteaders Day will feature activities, demonstrations, and family fun that will help us appreciate the luxuries we have in this day and time. The day’s events begin at 9a and end at 3p in Loberg Park in Hardy Arkansas. They have Pioneer re-enactments, music, games, presentations on soap making and other staples of yesteryear. Food samples, period costumes and much more.

Hardy Homesteaders is an all volunteer group. We’ve hosted a one-day event for over 25 years. Our focus is on “old timey” skills. We have a blacksmith who works his trade. Our outfitters cook with dutch ovens. We have events for the kids, like a terrapin race, and cloth dolls they can make. There are hoe cakes & butter, and our tasty beans. Our candle makers help the little ones make a candle to take home. Soap making is always a favorite. And the Weavers & Spinners are ready to answer your questions. Each year we raffle off a handmade quilt – for free.

Fore more information visit their Facebook page.