Jacksonport State Park Events Scheduled

Published By:Cathy Drew Date:

Saturday, April 26th

9am-12pm – GPS Workshop – Visitor’s Center. Admission: $20

Geocaching is a great sport for friends and families. Learn how to operate a GPS unit, locate hidden geocaches and create your own hidden geocache. Enter a contest locating hidden caches in the park, and winners earn prizes. All participants in the workshop receive a gift item. You can bring your own GPS unit or we can provide one for you to use.

Sunday, April 27th

2:00 pm – Snakes of the Alluvial Plain – Picnic Area. Join a park interpreter and learn about the different snakes that live in the Delta region of Arkansas. Learn about some common misconceptions and possibly even get to see and touch a live snake!

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT THE PARK INTERPRETER AT THE PARK OFFICE by calling (870) 523-2143 or E-mail: matt.manos@arkansas.gov