Mere words cannot describe a dining experience at Elizabeth’s.  I have lived here and worked around the courthouse area many years, and as long as she has been there, that’s how long I have been enjoying the fine food she serves daily.  I have also had her cater two Thanksgivings! What a superb way to enjoy a holiday season!

This wonderful restaurant is well known for all its cuisine, especially their huge yeast rolls with sweet butter!  Even if I get a specialty sandwich (and they are all special!), I ask for a roll, just because.  I’ve never tasted anything like their rolls.  Just buy them by the dozen because they are so delicious.  Her homemade chicken salad and tuna salad can be ordered as sandwiches or in a tomato, and her side fruit is fresh and tasty!  Her Mexican chicken and buttermilk chicken are something you need to try, you will be back again the same day for more.  I absolutely love this restaurant and their food and their owner, Diane (and Ed) White, strive to please their guests.  They know I always beg for a hot roll no matter what I order.  They are friends and live up to their pristine reputation.  And they cater!

Elizabeth’s is located at 231 E. Main Street, Batesville, AR  72501, 698-0903 or 870-698-9890.  Call for a meal or catering an event.  You will be so pleased, and tell them Ginger sent you!