We were recently invited by Mike and Molly James to their awesome James Ranch to attend the first anniversary jam session of The 11-Point Songwriters’ Club. Wish you could have all been there! Sharon Grady, my guitar partner, and I therefore attended our first ever songwriters club jam session! The songwriters’ club was formed a year ago by Chris Lynch, son-in-law of Molly and Mike James, Caleb Kellett, Shawn Seawel and Brian Perry. All Pocahontas natives, they saw the need and just did it!  They are all songwriters, guitar players and musicians of a fine kind!  My partner  and  I were treated as family/friend/peers and like royalty.  A more personable group of people can’t be found anywhere, music lover or anyone else.  I will always cherish my first rock band jam experience, being older and more country and bluegrass.  I actually jammed with them, but I only played drums accompaniment on my guitar! They are all advanced musicians such as I am just not!  Humble and downright family friendly they were!  We both talked and got to know each of them, feeling quite honored!

Chris Lynch teaches college chemistry nearby and is in a rock band, and sings and plays sweet!! Caleb Kellett is the youngest real estate appraiser in Arkansas, and also sings regularly at the Bluebird Café in Nashville, TN, a super songwriter! Shawn Seawel is self-employed, also tutors college chemistry students, and plays and writes songs, awesome!  Brian Perry, a psychiatric RN, jammed also, and he’s good! Their other musician was Michael Snow (like the snow that falls, to quote “Snow,” as they call him)  who has a recording studio in Maynard, AR, and has been a studio musician the last five years, and that pretty much tells you how awesome he is.  He plays anything any time, quite a talented and nice guy.  And he knows Tim Crouch, our friend.

It was all quite the adventure totally, but I have to admit my high point of the night was hugging Lauren Gray, friend and musician-friend of Chris & Amy Lynch and the Jameses. You will remember Lauren as the young lady from Hardy, AR, who was in the top maybe 40? of American Idol a couple of seasons ago.  Her father, Mike Gray, also attended and accompanied her on guitar.  She was so sweet and gave me a hug, and told me she is recording an album.  Wow!  I am definitely a fan of hers!

There was a really good music vibe going and everyone enjoyed the evening. A few of us stayed later to (or attempted to) jam with Chris, Brian, a guy from Hoxie who was totally accomplished in guitar picking, some other musician too shy to give a name, and us!  We hope to join them again soon.  Thanks to Molly and Mike James for accommodating us for the night and the whole gang who took us in for the evening/night.  A night to remember for us “older” gals!  Ginger

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Lauren Gray performing at Songwriters Club

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Lauren Gray and Mike Gray, her father, performing at James Ranch