BCT Performers




Danny, Mike, Randy, Crystal





Batesville Community Theatre’s Fund Raiser Saturday evening was one of the most entertaining productions I’ve seen in quite a while.  Their theme was “Barn Raisin’ Hoe Down” based on the old TV show, Hee Haw.  Everyone involved, from the youngest who had never seen the show, to the mentors/teachers/director, played their roles to the nth!  Amid much applause and laughter, there was singing, skits, all the acts the Hee Haw show featured and so many of us enjoyed a few (cough) years ago.

Danny Dozier, Mike Foster, and Randy Wade played their musical parts and drew much applause and laughter, being the great entertainers they are.  The group Twang from Mountain View also entertained, and I fell in love with those sweet young girls who are all award-winning musicians and sing their sweet harmony with gusto and smiles.

Mingling with the crowd afterward, I got to meet some of the young  performers and was quite impressed with their versatility and many talents.  The veteran members certainly did well leading this production!  On a personal note, I got to see Molly and Mason Magouyrk, two of my sweet children from West many years ago, my! How they have grown and they are so talented.  Ms. Betty also played her roles to the hilt, yeah, Ms. Betty!  I can’t name everyone, but my heart was singing and everyone around me was clapping and laughing and having a blast!  Be sure and support this local cause every chance you get.

Suzanne Magouyrk led this fund raiser rated the best of the best shows beyond comparison, and vowed to entertain next year with a Part Two Hoe Down!  Yeah!!!  BCT has a Facebook page, so if you are interested in any way of joining or  helping, let them know!  Watch your local paper and this site for upcoming events! Ginger