Visitors: A Display of Perpetual Discovery by Lindsay Garland


Please join us for refreshments at the reception for BAAC’s current exhibition, Visitors: A Display of Perpetual Discovery, featuring work by Lindsay Garland. The reception will be held THIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10 from 5pm-7pm, with a brief artist talk by Lindsay at 6pm. 
The exhibition features photographs by Garland that have been digitally manipulated to create an ethereal world.  The series embodies the concept of perpetual discoveries made over a period of time. Much like German romantic paintings, the images in this collection have a dreamlike quality that allows the viewer to escape from the mundane and enter a world outside of reality. 

“In my photographs, I try to construct a world that is dramatically separate from the one we live in. I merge several images together, but only reveal segments from each, to build the concept I desire. These creations are conceived from observation of daily life, dreams, and faded recollections of memories. I want the viewer to forget they are simply looking at a photograph and instead enter a world that is outside of reality.” – Lindsay Garland.
Born in the rural town of Salem, Arkansas, Lindsay Garland is a talented and ambitious conceptual photographer. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arkansas State University in the fall of 2013 and currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.
Recently, Garland’s work has been seen in public venues, such as the Bradbury Gallery located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, as well as several private collections throughout the United States.