25th Annual Herb Harvest Fall Festival

Foods, Folkways and Herbs of the British Isles to the Ozarks

in the
Ozark Folk Center’s Heritage Herb Garden
October 3 and 4, 2014 Workshops
 Registration fee is $70 for one day or $120 for both days.

Sessions begin in the White Oak Auditorium in the Administration Building and include the following.

 Friday, October 3, 2014

Field Notes of British, Irish, and Scots-Irish Folk Uses of Medicinal Plants and Corresponding Ozark Traditions—Justin Nolan

Wild Immigrant Plants—Annie Osborn

Ozark Herbal Wisdom Rooted in Bristol, England—The Widow Wilcox

Visit the Herbal Merchants and the Ozark Folk Center State Park Craft Village

 Noon Program on the Dr. Bessie Moore Deck in the Craft Village School Yard

Settlers Dinner in the Skillet Restaurant (Noonday meal is included in registration)

Foliate Faces: The Legend of the Green Man—Susan Belsinger

Florilegiums, Floras, and the Importance of Botanical Illustrators—Kathleen Connole

Rest a Spell with a glass of Iced Tea or Elderberry Shrub

Cou the Nettle Early: Instructions for the Care and Harvest of Nettles in Scottish Rhyme­—Rix White

Gardens of the Emerald Isle—Susan Belsinger

 Saturday, October 4, 2014

Optional: Traditional Full English Breakfast in the Skillet (on your own)

Morning Announcements

The Plant Explorers of the British Isles —Kathleen Connole

To Ireland and Back with the Potato—Phyllis Williams

Short break to set the stage

The Pleasures of Irish Cookery: From “Tatties and Neeps” to Colcannon and Champ—Susan Belsinger

Noon Program on the Dr. Bessie Moore Deck in the Craft Village School Yard

Dinner, British Isles-Style in the Skillet (Noonday meal is included in registration)

History and Mysteries of the Dyes of the Scottish Tartans —Jeanette Larson

The Wardian Case, a Scotsman, and a Plant that Changed the World —

Kathleen Connole

A Proper Afternoon Tea in the Skillet

An Ode to Olde Herballs—The Jolly Green Jester

Tribute to Jimmy Driftwood on October 4
Jimmy Driftwood was a native-born Ozark singer and songwriter who was famous for his Grammy winning song “Battle of New Orleans.” He was also instrumental in the formation of the Ozark Folk Center State Park.  See his contemporaries, as well as the next generation, perform his tunes on this special night.

Performing that evening in special tribute to Jimmy Driftwood will be:
  • Cheyenne Medders
  • Possum Juice
  • Nellie Branscum
  • Charlie Teas
  • Tom Cloninger
Regular concert admission applies.