International Cuisine (German, Italian, Greek & Mediterranean) at La Pastorella BISTRO, 355 South Main Street, Mammoth Spring, AR  72554. Telephone 870-625-3000.

You Never Know What You Will Get On The Menu; It Changes Weekly And Sometimes Daily. It Will However Be The Freshest & Most Seasonal Food Available At All Times. It’s Just Down Home Cooking; “Somewhere.” No Kids Menu; But You Can Get A Robber Plate, To Steal From Mom or Dad. Prices Range From $4.00 To $19.00.

Open Wednesday to Saturday 12:00 to 7:00 & Sunday 12:00 to 4:00 After Hours, Groups of 6 or More By Reservation.

Clean, neat and spiffy! You actually feel like you have stepped into your own family’s special dining room when you enter La Pastorella Bistro, as we did. Their menu will suit anybody and everybody who stops in to enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal “out of the ordinary.”  I saw a scrump-dilly-ishus Raspberry Dark Chocolate cake the day we stopped by and I just got to get back by and have a big slice! Dark chocolate is good for you, and these folks use genuine real chocolate!  See you there! Ginger