July 3rd , 2014 –July 6th, 2014

Enjoy your stay at Jacksonport State Park by attending a few of our scheduled activities. Discover the many wonderfully diverse qualities of Jacksonport by bringing your family, friends and yourself to any of our programs. The activities listed below are free or have a fee if stated. So visit with the park interpreter Matt to experience the park.

Thursday, July 3rd

11:00am – Jacksonport Discovery Hour- Pavilion. Come join a park interpreter on a fun but moderately strenuous hike in the park. On this hike, you will learn about different types of hiking, what things you want to take with you, and how to be safe on the trail. Be sure to bring a bottle of water and wear close-toed shoes as we learn all about the adventure that is hiking!

Friday, July 4th

2:00 pm – Fish ID and Techniques– Campground. Join a park interpreter for a brief overview of the game fish native to the White River Area and the different techniques used to catch them.

3:30pm- Grandmother’s Trunk – Campground.Mary, dressed as a frontier woman, talks about traveling to Arkansas from North Carolina in 1855. She will display and discuss the items that she brought with her from North Carolina, what they mean to her and how she uses those items in her home. She will discuss family life and values, and explain how she and her husband provide a home, food, shelter, and education for her family of six children.

8:00 pm – Owl Prowl – Campground. Meet a park interpreter in the campground for an evening hike down the Tunstall Riverwalk to see if we can call up any of these magnificent hunters. Part of this hike is in the dark, so closed toe shoes are required and a flashlight suggested.

Saturday, July 5th

10:00am- Snakes Unveiled: The Truth about Arkansas’s Snakes – Courthouse. Snake expert Kory Roberts of www.arkansasherps.com will share his passion and knowledge about the snakes of Arkansas. Come see many live specimens and learn about their unique characteristics and important roles they play in the environment.

2:00 pm–Butterflies and Blooms Hike-Campground. Butterflies and flowers just go together! Join a park interpreter in the campground for an easy stroll among the wildflowers where we will observe and identify a few of the 80 butterflies that live on, or migrate through the state of Arkansas. Bring bottled water and a butterfly guidebook, if you have one. This program will last 45 minutes to an hour.

3:00 pm – White River Hunters and Trappers – Campground. Hunting and trapping served an important role on the White River and to Jacksonports economy. Join a park interpreter and learn what animals were hunted and trapped in this area and see some of the special techniques used to do it.

6:30 pm –A Remedy for What Ails You – Campground. Meet with a park interpreter at the campground where they will explain how 19th Century residents took care of their own medical needs. The medicinal uses of local herbs will be discussed, especially the Civil War years when commercial remedies were scarce.

Sunday, July 6th

2:00 pm– Birds and Blossoms-Campground. Join a park interpreter at the Tunstall Trailhead for a 30 to 45 minute hike to become acquainted with some of the birds, plants and wildflowers that live on adjacent to the White River. Maybe you will meet a pileated woodpecker! Wear sturdy shoes and bring water, a bird guide and binoculars if you have any. This program will last approx. 30 – 45 minutes.



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