WELCOME TO JACKSONPORT STATE PARK September 20th , 2013 – September 29th, 2013


Enjoy your stay at Jacksonport State Park by attending a few of our scheduled activities. Discover the many wonderfully diverse qualities of Jacksonport by bringing your family, friends and yourself to any of our programs. The activities listed below are free or have a fee if stated. So visit with the park interpreters Donna and Matt to experience the park.

Friday, September 20th

6:30pm–Civil War In Songs– Campground A musical telling of the Civil War with the songs that shaped the period of strife. The program covers all the ups and downs of not just famous battles and generals but the everyday citizens that endured the Civil War’s hardship.


Saturday, September 21st

9am-12pm – Dutch Oven Outdoor Cooking Workshop – Picnic Area Are you looking for tasty way to spend a Saturday morning? Try an outdoor cooking workshop with the park interpreters. Learn the best methods of seasoning and taking care of a cast iron Dutch oven before we begin cooking an assortment of food. Enjoy shepherd’s pie, glazed carrots and butternut squash, buttermilk biscuits and easy Dutch oven apple cobbler. Reservations are required and must be made at least three days in advance.


6:30pm– Civil War Weapons– Campground – Come see a demonstration in black powdered weapons that were used in the Civil War. Join a park interpreter to learn how these weapons were used and fired and who were some of the famous Civil War fighters that used these Confederate Weapons.


Sunday, Septemeber 22rd

2:30 pm– Raccoons! – Picnic Area. Arkansas is home to many fascianting fur-bearing animals like the raccoon. You can discover their unique behaviors and look at a raccoon model close up.


3:30pm– Birds of Prey- Picnic Area. Explore the super powers of birds of prey and learn how they survive in the wild and then take a walk to the end of the swim beach to see if there are any around.


Friday, September 27th

5:30pm– Steamboats of the White River – Campground – The steamboat industry was the lifeblood of Jacksonport. These legendary steamships transported people, cotton, and goods from around the world. Join a park interpreter today and listen to the stories of the White River steamboats.


Saturday, September 28th

3:00 pm– Bird Magnets – Picnic Area. The White River is a unique place to view a variety of birds such as Northern Cardinal, Blue Jay and Carolina Chickadee. Discover why the White River is such a great habitat to so many different birds and hear a variety of bird sounds. At the end of the program, make a bird magnet to take home with you.


5:30pm– Shelling And Pearling – Campground.Discover the fascinating world of White River pearling as the residents of Jacksonport experienced at the turn of the 20th century. See the equipment used by divers and learn how the shells were used. Maybe you can see the most coveted prize of all, the perfectly-shaped fresh water pearl.


Sunday, Septemeber 29th

2:30 pm– White River Monster Walk- Camp Ground-Join a park interpreter for a walk along the Tunstall River Walk and learn about the history of White River monster sightings while watching for items that may have been mistaken for this mythical monster in the past.


3:30 pm– Ladybugs, Ants, and Butterflies – Picnic Area. Butterflies, ladybugs, and ants are fascinating creatures of the insect world. Join a park interpreter to learn about their habitats, lifestyles, and life cycles before making some colorful insect rubbings to take home.



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