The September 21st “Music in the Mountains Show” will feature two very prominent acts in the area of bluegrass and gospel. The September show welcomes one of the more traditional bluegrass bands in the area, the Arnold Family of Evening Shade. Noel, Pansy, and Tim bring the purest form of Ozark bluegrass to the stage with family vocals accompanied by fiddle, stand-up bass, and guitar. A sure crowd pleaser for any bluegrass fan! Also returning for their second appearance on the MITM stage is “One Way Home”. The Batesville based gospel trio features Mark Martin from Melbourne, Mike Smith of Batesville and J.R. Dewey from Hardy, AR. One Way Home is Southern Gospel style music at its best. Wayne Gunter of Franklin will also be included in this month’s guest line up. Wayne has a very smooth rockabilly style to add to the variety of the evening.

Of course the “pride” of the “Music in the Mountains Show” is their own Hwy 289 Band, Melodie Clemmons, Dr. Ron Yow, Chuck McNeight, and Bob McCarty. This very talented group performs all over the Ozark Foothills featuring a variety of country, gospel, classic rock, and pop. Joining the group this month is show favorite Izard County Judge David Sherrell on vocals, rhythm, and backup harmony. Cast members Ed Luedke, Ron Hart and Jerry Kipper will also be on hand.

Marty McKnight will have the grilled fired up around 5:00 p.m. prior to the show. Showtime 6:00 p.m.

Mark your calendars, Saturday Night, September 21st, 6:00 p.m. will be an evening filled with music and entertainment. Admission is by donation, concessions available.

“Music in the Mountains” is performed in the historic Horseshoe Bend Theatre, 811 Second Street, Horseshoe Bend, AR For information: 870-373-3303