Upcoming Events at Davidsonville Historic State Park – Labor Day Weekend Programs

Friday, August 30th

3:00PM Historic Town Tour!

Join us for an interpretive tour of Davidsonville’s Historic Townsite. See artifacts, ask questions, and find out what experts currently believe happened to this early frontier town full of Arkansas’s Firsts!


Join the park interpreter in the campground fire ring as we learn about the wonderful world of trees, what they do for us, and how they compete for resources! Would you survive? Meet us at the campground fire ring to find out!

Saturday, August 31st


Mammals of Arkansas. Join the park interpreter at the Visitor Center for a animal fur program. Persons know a lot about animals around the world, with this program you learn more about what lives in your own backyard!


Annual Paddleboat Races!

Speed doesn’t matter at these races, it is all about skill! Free to enter. We take up to 6 teams of 2. Must register at least one hour before races. Prizes awarded for 1st through 3rd place! Call the visitor center.


Black Powder Program and Tomahawk Throw! A holiday weekend favorite. Join the park interpreter at the Davidsonville Townsite to learn more about early 1800’s weaponry as well as try your hand with our reproduction tomahawks! Don’t miss the entertainment!


American Indian Games. Join us at the campground fire ring to play games of chance loved by American Indians of the past and present!

To reserve your spot at one of our programs, please contact the park office at 870.892.4708.

If you would like to schedule a specialized program for your next group function, please give us a call. Remember, we’re here to help you make memories!

To get to Davidsonville Historic State Park; from Pocahontas travel 2 miles west on U.S Highway 62, then south on State Highway 166 and travel 9 miles to the park.

From U.S. Highway 63 at Black Rock, take state Highway 361.  Travel 5 miles to the park.

Davidsonville Historic State Park

7953 Hwy 166 South

Pocahontas, AR  72455