July 12th , 2013 – July 21ST , 2013

Enjoy your stay at Jacksonport State Park by attending a few of our scheduled activities. Discover the many wonderfully diverse qualities of Jacksonport by bringing your family, friends and yourself to any of our programs. The activities listed below are free or have a fee if stated. So visit with the park interpreters Donna and Matt to experience the park.

Friday, July 12th

6:30pm- Civil War Weapons- Campground – Come see a demonstration in black powdered weapons that were used in the Civil War. Join a park interpreter to learn how these weapons were used and fired and who were some of the famous Civil War fighters that used these Confederate Weapons

Saturday, July 13th

2:30 pm – Turtles- Picnic Area. Discover the different turtles found in Jackson County. See the difference between a water and land turtle by viewing live turtles. Learn proper care and handling of turtles.

3:30pm- – Birds of Prey- Picnic Area. Explore the super powers of birds of prey and learn how they survive in the wild and then take a walk to the end of the swim beach to see if there are any around.

6:30pm- Civil War In Songs- Campground A musical telling of the Civil War with the songs that shaped the period of strife. The program covers all the ups and downs of not just famous battles and generals but the everyday citizens that endured the Civil War’s hardship.

Sunday, July 14th

2:30pm – Ladybugs, Ants, and Butterflies – Picnic Area. Butterflies, ladybugs, and ants are fascinating creatures of the insect world. Join a park interpreter to learn about their habitats, lifestyles, and life cycles before making some colorful insect rubbings to take home.

3:30pm- Fish ID and Techniques– Boat Launch Area. Join a park interpreter for a brief overview of the game fish native to the White River Area and the different techniques used to catch them..

Thurday, July 18th

10:00am- Jacksonport Discovery Hour- Bird Beak Buffet – You can learn a lot about a bird by just looking at their beaks. Meet a park interpreter at the pavilion to see the different ways birds use their beaks to eat.

Wednesday, July 17th-Friday, July 19th

9:00am-12:00pm- Summer Science Day Camp- During this 3-day adventure, children find excitement exploring the outdoors through games, crafts, fishing, and nature hikes. Have fun designing a camp t-shirt. Contact the park for details and reservations. The fee covers all three days of camp.


by calling (870) 523-2143 or E-mail: donna.bentley@arkansas.gov