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Wednesday, July 3

Noon Program: Garden Tours with Tina Marie: What’s

happening in the Heritage Herb Gardens today? Meet at the

Bessie Moore deck and follows herbalist, gardener and

musician Tina Marie Wilcox through the park.

Daytime Musicians: Possum Juice

Evening Concert:

⇒ Lester, Earl and Squirrel

⇒ Glenn Ohrlin

⇒ Smitty the Cowboy Poet

⇒ Unkle Dave & Hambone

⇒ Obadiah T. Fassbinder

⇒ Lazy Goat Stringband

⇒ Tina Marie & Shawn

**Schedule Subject to Change**

Thursday, July 4

Noon Program: Obadiah T. Fassbinder and his modern medical

miracle – Carpet baggers and medicine shows roamed the

south in the reconstruction years. Learn how this modern

medicine can save you from all sorts of ills.

Daytime Musicians: The New & the Gray

Evening Concert:

⇒ Cobb Brothers

⇒ Odell Jackson with Mary Parker

⇒ Bess Kelley & Friends

⇒ Upjumpers

⇒ Dave Smith

Friday, July 5

Noon Program: Kathleen Connole: Native American peoples t

raveled through the Ozarks. Kathleen shares their stories from

the perspective of the plants they gathered, grew, and loved in

these deep valleys and rocky hillsides.

Daytime Musicians: Cobb Brothers

Evening Concert:

⇒ Clancey Ferguson & the Ragtags

⇒ Dave & Kathy

⇒ Ruth Haynie

⇒ Hard Times

⇒ Mike Sutter

Saturday, July 6

Noon Program: Spinning Tales with Auntie Jen—As she spins

fleece into yarn, Auntie Jen will share stories of how people

began spinning yarn, using spinning wheels, weaving, sheep,

goats and their history in the Ozarks.

Daytime Musician: Whoa Mule!

Evening Concert:

⇒ Dave Smith

⇒ Derailed

⇒ Ruby Pines

⇒ Mother’s Cabin

⇒ Wiede Family

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