June 28th , 2013 – July 4th , 2013


Enjoy your stay at Jacksonport State Park by attending a few of our scheduled activities. Discover the many wonderfully diverse qualities of Jacksonport by bringing your family, friends and yourself to any of our programs. The activities listed below are free or have a fee if stated. So visit with the park interpreters Donna and Matt to experience the park.

Friday, June 28st

6:30pm- Civil War In Songs. A musical telling of the Civil War with the songs that shaped the period of strife. The program covers all the ups and downs of not just famous battles and generals but the everyday citizens that endured the Civil War’s hardship.


Saturday, June 29th

2:00 pm Owl Pellet Dissection– Picnic Area. What are owl pellets? What do owls eat? Join a park interpreter to learn the answers to these questions and more by dissecting some real owl pellets.


3:30pm- Fish ID and Techniques- Picnic Area. A brief overview of the game fish native to the White River Area and the different techniques used to catch them.


8:30pm- Owl Prowl – Campground. Meet a park interpreter in the campground for an evening hike to the Swamp Fox Natural Area to see if we can call up any of these magnificent hunters. Part of this hike is in the dark, so closed toe shoes are required and a flashlight suggested.


Sunday, June 30th

2:30pm – – Coyotes – Picnic Area. Coyotes love to serenade the moon in the evening. Are they singing for fun, or is there a purpose to the evening vocalization? Meet the park interpreter to explore the unusual behaviors of the coyote.


3:30pm- – Ladybugs, Ants, and Butterflies – Picnic Area. Butterflies, ladybugs, and ants are fascinating creatures of the insect world. Join a park interpreter to learn about their habitats, lifestyles, and life cycles before making some colorful insect rubbings to take home.


Thurday, July 4th

10:00am- Jacksonport Discovery Hour – Butterfly Bingo – Pavilion- Join the park interpreters on the trail searching for butterflies and playing the butterfly bingo game. After the walk, you can make butterfly magnets to take home.


Wednesday- Friday, June 26-28

9:00am-12:00pm- Pioneer Days Day Camp- Pavilion- During this 3-day adventure, children can dress up as a pioneer, make biscuits in a Dutch oven, and play pioneers games and historical softball. Have fun designing a camp t-shirt. Contact the park for details and reservations. The fee covers all three days of camp plus a t-shirt.



by calling (870) 523-2143 or E-mail: donna.bentley@arkansas.gov