JACKSONPORT STATE PARK May 24th, 2013 – May 27th , 2013

Enjoy your stay at Jacksonport State Park by attending a few of our scheduled activities. Discover the many wonderfully diverse qualities of Jacksonport by bringing your family, friends and yourself to any of our programs. The activities listed below are free or have a fee if stated. So visit with the park interpreters Donna and Matt to experience the park.

Friday, May 24

8:30- Owl Prowl – Campground. Meet a park interpreter in the campground for an evening hike to the Swamp Fox Natural Area to see if we can call up any of these magnificent hunters. Part of this hike is in the dark, so closed toe shoes are required and a flashlight suggested.


Saturday, May 25

2:30pm – Civil War Weapons- Camp Ground- Come see a demonstration in black powdered weapons that were used in the Civil War. Join a park interpreter to learn how these weapons were used and fired and who were some of the famous Civil War fighters that used these Confederate Weapons.


3:30- White River Monster Walk- Camp Ground-Join a park interpreter for a walk along the Tunstall River Walk and learn about the history of White River monster sightings while watching for items that may have been mistaken for this mythical monster in the past.


6:30pm– Civil War In Songs- A musical telling of the Civil War with the songs that shaped the period of strife. The program covers all the ups and downs of not just famous battles and generals but the everyday citizens that endured the Civil War’s hardship.


Sunday, May 26

2:00pm – Fish ID and Techniques– Boat Launch Area. Join a park interpreter for a brief overview of the game fish native to the White River Area and the different techniques used to catch them.


3:30pm- Can Fishing – Boat Launch Area. Don’t have an expensive fishing real? No problem join a park interpreter and learn how to fashion a soda can into a fishing real and learn the importance of keeping things like that soda can out of the environment.


6:30pm- Nature Hike- Camp Ground. Join one of Jacksonports Interpreters for a moderate nature hike to the Swamp Fox Natural Area and learn about the natural surroundings of Jacksonport and some of the ways they have formed the town’s history.


Monday, May 27

2:00 pm – Guided Jacksonport Courthouse Tour– Jacksonport Courthouse. Join a park interpreter on a tour of Jacksonport Courthouse to learn about the eventful history of the river, the town, and the courthouse itself.


3:30pm-Steamboats of the White River- Camp Ground-The steamboat industry was the lifeblood of Jacksonport. These legendary steamships transported people, cotton, and goods from around the world. Join a park interpreter today and listen to the stories of the White River steamboats.