If you have been interested in your EIC Crew’s work concerning “Trail Trees”, you’ll definitely want to join us for this tour which will take us along a route of the Trail of Tears from Melbourne to Old Athens. We’ll see 14 bent trees we believe could have been manipulated by our Native-Ameircan ancestors in order to mark traces through the hills of Izard County!

The tour will begin at The Melbourne History Museum on Saturday May 18th at 8:30 am and end up at the Calico Rock Museum at 1 pm! Along the way, we’ll enjoy a presentation about the trees from Mountain Stewards.org member, Bob Gaut, at the Old Lunenburg Schoolhouse!


We hope you’ll join us for this event when we will raise money for the two awesome museums we’ll visit while also offering T-Shirts for sale and a raffle for a couple of items which will help your EIC team acquire desperately needed software and hardware to make our efforts to Share Izard with you easier and more exciting!


T-Shirts can be pre-ordered via e-mail or Facebook message!


Visit our EIC Events page (http://eicevents.blogspot.com/)for all the details!


Also, on Sunday, May 26th, the Cooper Family will be hosting it’s Spring Sing at Knob Creek Church at 2 pm. The event will feature singing, storytelling, and refreshments. These events at Knob Creek are always a great experience! We hope you’ll join us.


Unfortunately, the event we are helping to sponsor, The Spring Jubilee at Little Piney, was postponed last week due to rain. The event has been rescheduled for Friday Evening, June 7th. We’ll fill you in on the details in the coming week!


Our partner from the Exploring Stone County blog, Freda Cruse Hardison, has been in contact with producers from three cable networks recently! During the week of May 20-23rd, a team from The Travel Channel will be coming to Izard County. Your EIC Crew will be its guides as footage and interviews are gathered for an upcoming episode!


So, while the rains of April have put a damper on some activities, it has not kept your EIC Crew from getting out to capture more images or from putting together great events for your enjoyment!


The Trail of Trees Road-Trip is open to all and will not be limited to any number of vehicles. We’re hoping to have a large crowd out on the 18th to learn about and experience Izard County’s “Trail of Trees”!


Hope you can join us for one…or all of these events!