On Saturday May 18th, 2013, your Exploring Izard County Crew will lead you on one of the most fascinating tours we’ve held to date! If you’ve followed the EIC blog for any length of time, you’ll know about our work concerning what we believe might be actual living artifacts, trees bent by our Native-American ancestors to mark trails through the hills of Izard County! During the “Trail of Trees” Road Trip, we’ll guide you along an amazing trail of over a dozen of these fascinating trees which we believe marks the path of the Benge Detachments journey through the county during the Trail of Tears. Mountain Stewards.org member, Bob Gaut will give a presentation about Indian Trail Trees along the way at the historic Lunenburg Schoolhouse and Freda Cruse Hardison will share stories from the Trail of Tears. The tour will be capped at both ends by visits to two museums – The Melbourne History Museum in the morning, the Calico Rock Museum in the afternoon. The tour will also visit the site of the first Izard County Courthouse at Athens where we know at least one group of 1500 people camped during the Trail of Tears.

This will be a great opportunity to see why a few bent trees has excited us here at EIC! We hope you can join us!

If you would like to join the tour, reply to this e-mail. Please let us know approximately how many will be in your group!

If you just can’t wait until May 18th to get a dose of Izard, join us this coming Saturday near Antioch Church for the Spring Jubilee Music Fest featuring great Ozark artists like David Lynn Jones, The Outlaw Billy Don Burns, Chelsea Savage Vanscoder, Richard Burnett and Honeyshine, and Comfortable Brother! This is a public event on private property along Piney Fork Bayou and Exploring Izard County is a sponsor.

We hope to see you at one…or both of these events! And…rest assured! Your EIC Crew will be at work this summer bringing you more exciting finds from Izard County!

For more information visit http://exploreizard.blogspot.com/